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  • How To Be A Comic Book Artist
            …Not Just How To Draw 
    : Revised Edition By Tim Seeley with Updates by Josh Blaylock

    Now up on the Devil’s Due Webstore.

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    when you purchase How To Self-Publish Comics

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  • ravencourtasylum:

    Indisputable proof that Mercy Sparx is the best comic character of all time.

    Hot as hell (literally) — Check.

    Distillers T-Shirt — Check.

    Quotes Sin City while watching it — Check.

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  • jaredpresley asked : It was great seeing you guys at the Cincy Expo! Hope you had fun!

    It was awesome! Thanks for hanging out at the booth!

  • midtowncomics:

    Introducing our epic Squarriors #1 Exclusive Variant, available for pre-order today! 

    Squarriors is the epic saga of warring animals in a post-human world. Specifically a small tribe known as the Tin Kin, and their struggles building a life in the new world while confronting the hostile neighboring Maw tribe.


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  • SOLITARY Kickstarter Exclusive “Virgin” Cover w/ Gloss

    Missed the Kickstarter and want this real bad? Now available for pre-order on BackerKit.

  • Short Order Form Cheat Sheet


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